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Swiftie ♥
TSwizzle13xSwiftie ♥

Photo: › Happy 25th birthday, Dianna Agron! http://tumblr.com/xyl2brg3uh
María González
tellme2theriverMaría González

¡Toma! Dianna Agron ha superado en los TT a Guillermo y Catalina xD
Petrova bitch †
Mary_WasilewskiPetrova bitch †

Joyeux anniversaire à Dianna Agron :)(l)
Yssa Espulgar
yssaespulgarYssa Espulgar

@si_mar_pogi Grabe. Trending si Dianna Agron. :O TSS

Dianna Agron is a babeeeee
elizɑbeth drizzle
luckygleek13elizɑbeth drizzle

#icantstandpeoplethat hate on Dianna Agron. @alittlelamb is so sweet!!! How could you hate her!!!

Ooh, it’s Dianna Agron‘s birthday? She’s one of the most beautiful celebrities ever.
Kim Yvan U. Manuel
SwaggaLikeKimKim Yvan U. Manuel

Wow! Dianna Agron is trending. Happy birthday! She’s so gorgeous. #CelebrityCrush

RT @SashaMidal: Happy birthday Dianna Agron
Anis Lydia
AnisLydiaAnis Lydia

Happy birthday Dianna Agron!!!!!! ❤

Dianna Agron or Nina Dobrev ? What to choose . Both are gorgeous
Leighton M. Meester
ltsmeleightonLeighton M. Meester

Dianna Agron is TT. Awesome :3
Azzahra Sabina Tohir
azzahrasabinaAzzahra Sabina Tohir

Happy Birthday Dianna Agron, stay gorgeous. ☮
Beste İrem Köse
justafeeling_Beste İrem Köse

Happy B-day Dianna Agron
Allie Ü Seventeen
MyAngelAllie17Allie Ü Seventeen

Happy Birthday @alittlelamb as known as Dianna Agron ! My wish for you is I hope you’ll have more solos in Glee cause your voice is angelic!
Dennis tjendra
dennistjendraDennis tjendra

Quinn fabray! RT @gossippammy: Happy bday dianna agron @alittleamb ! You’re so beautiful!! Have a great day!!
tan wan wen
twanwentan wan wen

wooo happy birthday dianna agron!
Thumbur Sananta
thumbur_sanantaThumbur Sananta

Happy bday dianna agron @alittleamb ! You’re so beautiful!! Have a great day!!
 Claraa-A-a ♫
_leapfrogClaraa-A-a ♫

Happy Birthday Dianna Agron !!
Kayleigh K
kayleighk7Kayleigh K

Who is Dianna Agron ?
Schekeana Santuele
schekeanasaysSchekeana Santuele

Happy birthday Dianna Agron!
Seviana Lorensia
selo72tsaiSeviana Lorensia

dianna agron is trending… Hell yeah! Quinn Fabray!! #Glee
Why is Dianna Agron trending? She’s pretty alright but she has one of the bitchiest laugh ever. Don’t get me wrong, I like her but seriously
Dyshanae R.
Gleek_FanaticDyshanae R.

I wake up at 2:48 a.m. and see that Dianna Agron is trending yay #HAPPYBIRTHDAYDIANNA

Happy birthday, Dianna Agron!
Kobe Veneracion
KobeLovesDiannaKobe Veneracion

Happy Birthday Dianna Agron. 😉 you’re amazing! #HappyBirthdayDianna http://twitpic.com/4rbdou @alittlelamb

PEOPLES!!! Dianna Agron is trending….woohoo!!!

Dianna Agron Happy Birthday Girl!!! i LOVE You♥ @alittlelamb #HappyBirthdayDianna
Sonia Meyer
whiteroadsSonia Meyer

@alittlelamb Happy birthday Dianna Agron! A year older but who’s counting. So I wish you joy and happiness that will keep you young forever.
Vee Lynch
valenedginaVee Lynch

RT @jeiivs: happy birthday dianna agron !
Ayuda Putry  ✔
_morabisAyuda Putry ✔

dianna agron -> it is her birthday today forget iphone -> Forget iPhone #teamblackberry run di place! vin disel apaan sih ? -__-

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