What is Potato Sack

KpaxxChris Kpax

5 MINUTES AAAAAAA #ValveARG Also, I finally got a chance to check out some of these potato sack levels and they’re awesome.
Stephen DeRome
BigSt3ph3nStephen DeRome

HOLY SHIT, good day to be a gamer. #gears3beta, #GLaDOS, and Potato sack are all trending on twitter. 🙂 BIG SMILES OVER HERE.

At the very least, it helps indie devs who may or may not be like @notch. Go play. Glados@Home Potato Sack #portal2 Currently Audiosurfing.
Wesley Williams
wideawakewesleyWesley Williams

@flibblesan Ah. Actually the Potato Sack is very tempting. Many great games, you can gift duplicates and there’s extra portal content
Emily Tighe
emilyandmakeupEmily Tighe

ROFLCOPTER!! Potato Sack is trending. That can only mean one thing…
Oz Mills
ozmillsOz Mills

#Portal2 Since it needs “CPUs” can we simply boot up the games in the Potato Sack bundle to contribute, or do we HAVE to buy them?
JJ Norriss
SonicsaturnJJ Norriss

Potato Sack and Valve are trending, YAAAYYY!!!
Danielle Winters
blackkotaeDanielle Winters

Valve wins, haha. Finish the first Portal again later today + play a potato sack game or two later..